Artwork Testimonials

Artwork Testimonials

Read through the artwork testimonials from clients who have purchased or commissioned artworks as well as art reviews from people who have seen first hand the drawings and paintings I have created.

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Belinda is an extremely talented artist!

Her paintings are wonderfully lifelike and capture the spirit of the animals she paints! One of my favourites is a nest of baby owls she painted for my mother!
Paulette Gardner

Belinda Marshall has produced two exceptional permanent murals.

One for our site museum at Khami World Heritage Site depicting past life at this site and the other inside the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe depicting the evolution of mankind. Working with Belinda was a pleasure as she listened to our needs and produced accurate and highly detailed illustrations and the end result was stunning.
Moira Fitzpatrick

I highly recommend her work.

Belinda paints and draws a wonderful range of subjects, with great detail and energy, very vibrant. Having bought a drawing of hers I highly recommend her work.
Paul Olive

She has such a great gift.

Belinda Marshal is an outstanding Artist… we have one of her charcoal drawings.. It is a Samarai warrior.. It is exquisite…
Debra Style

Excellent work – highly recommended.

This work is not just “art” it comes to life in a way that only a natural passion can portray such incredible likeness to the world’s wildlife.
Jane Elburg

A pleasure to work with.

Her work is exceptional and she is so professional. A pleasure to work with.
Jane Kilian

Such amazing art.

Really captures the beauty of African wildlife!!!
Jonathon Thompson

Beautiful piece, Belinda.

I love the texture and the simplicity of your strokes.
Uliana Mozgaleva

This is African Wildlife as I have seen in the bush.

Good use of colour and accurate brush work giving her art an authentic feel.
Chris Pool

Belinda, you are truely talented!

Belinda’s art is breathtaking with such detail they pulse with life! Brilliant work.
Bev Redman

Absolutely blown away by Belinda’s artwork, so life like.

Highly recommended for amazing quality and stunning wildlife art.
Carla Bridle

I am always excited to see her new work.

Belinda Marshall’s art work is always beautiful and it has very fine detail, no matter what medium she uses. It is always eye catching and distinctive. .
Vicky Pool

Belinda’s accuracy to create realistic and life-like animals including the “Big Five” is a true reflection on how talented and gifted she is as an artist.

Her attention to detail on both wild and domestic animals and birds on any surface, including leather, makes the perfect gift for any age and conversation piece, which will last throughout generations to come..
Priscilla Lambert

Love her work.

I have known Belinda and her art for many years and know the passion she has for it. The detail in her painting is brilliant and so life like one feels you can reach out and touch the animal.
Chris And Shelly Goosen