Wildlife Oil Paintings For Sale

Wildlife Oil Paintings for Sale

Welcome to my wildlife oil paintings for sale.

African Elephant Herd On Buffalo Hide

Now Only US$3400

Give that special someone something extraordinary this Christmas!

This oil painting showcases an African herd of elephant drinking from a waterhole at twilight.

The soft hues show off the warm, dusty sunset colors of the dry African bush at the end of a hot day.


This artwork is painted in oil colors on a buffalo back hide.

The pliancy of artists’ oil paint will prevent cracking and peeling of the artwork. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy your painting for many, many years.

The high-quality buffalo leather is a rich brown color with a soft texture and smooth feel.

The underside has a suede finish making it very pliable, preventing cracking.


Leather Measurements

Height: 1.03 metres
Width: 2.43 metres


External payment may be made as well as a local arrangement.

Payment terms can be arranged.

For payment arrangements please contact Belinda on 0774 879 715 or via email.


Price includes free delivery by Swift to any destination in Zimbabwe.

Please bear in mind that this price does not include shipping costs to a destination outside Zimbabwe and will require paperwork from National Parks. These costs will be calculated on notification of the address to be shipped to.

External destinations will be shipped by Fedex with a delivery time between 7 to 14 days.

The painting will be protected in a solid tube from weather and transit wear and tear.

Gallery Of Oil Paintings

Please feel free to view examples of my work below .

The artist oil colors I work with are of a high quality and are a good brand. Winsor and Newton is my preferred choice.

These high quality paints do not fade and are slow to discolor with age. So you can enjoy your painting to its fullest for a long time.

Oil paintings are all done on canvas. My personal preference is canvas stretched on a frame.

In most cases, I will work with the painting on a frame and when completed, remove the canvas off the frame for shipping.

Wildlife Oil Paintings Gallery

Shipping: Wildlife Oil Paintings for Sale

The paintings will be rolled in a tube for shipping. This will be via a courier service that provides tracking details.

Dependent on your destination – shipping will take between 4 and 14 days.

Delivery and Opening of Artwork

When receiving your painting be careful when opening and removing from the tube. You may want to take it to your framer/art shop for safety purposes.

The painting will require to be flattened after being in the tube – be mindful not to bend or crease the canvas too hard as you may crack the base layer.

Discuss with your framer the best way to re-stretch your painting for framing. It can either be stretched back onto a frame or placed round a board.

Care of Oil Paintings

An oil painting does not require glass and mounts when being framed. Oil paint is hard-wearing and only requires a frame. It is a personal choice whether you want it framed under glass.

Alternatively, you may hang it unframed on the wall as I do finish off the sides for this purpose.

It is also advisable to place your painting where there will be no direct sunlight. This prevents fading and sun damage over time.