Paintings On Leather

Oil Paintings On Leather Of Africa For Sale

Welcome to my paintings on leather art. These oil paintings are long-lasting and capture the spirit of wild Africa.

Please feel free to view the leather artwork I have available for sale and enjoy looking through my gallery of past works.

Leather Art For Sale

Painting On Leather

The artist oil colours I work with are of a high quality and a good brand name. This ensures that the colour clarity is good as well as having the added benefit of long lasting colour fastness to prevent fading and discolouring with age.

Painting on leather falls in line perfectly with my preference of painting or drawing on mediums that have a surface texture – like my graphite pencil drawings and chalk pastel art.

The natural hide or skin varies in texture according to the animal species, but they all enhance the final image of the subject matter being created.

In fact the lines and furrows add another dimension to the finished artwork that is very unique.

The Leather

The leather I use to paint on does not have a finish applied during the tanning process. The skin has only been dyed to either a light grey, dark grey, brown or mustard colour.

There have been no other special finishes so the hide is still pliable and has kept its natural texture. This fact allows the oil paint to adhere and even be absorbed to some degree.

Therefore this art on leather is durable and the oil paint will not peel off or crack over time.

The hides used vary and can include elephant, hippo and bovine (which covers buffalo, cattle, goat and plains game). Plains game are impala, kudu, eland, giraffe etc.

All these leathers come with licenses and veterinary certificates provided by the relevant government departments and Parks and Wildlife Services.

Please be aware that elephant hide importation is dependent on the country of destination from Zimbabwe. Please check with your countries importation of leather goods rules and regulations.

If you would like to see more examples of my artwork on leather. please look at my gallery below.

Paintings On Leather Gallery

Commission A Painting

I have done many commissions on leather for clients all over the world.

If you would like to commission a painting on leather, all you have to do is contact me with your requirements. I will source what hide is available and provide you with the sizes and photo of the shape.

Please bear in mind that every piece has its own individual shape, colour and size. No two hides are ever the same.

The subject matter may be provided by yourself or else I can provide some options for you to choose from. The image you send me will need to be of a high quality and a large size (approx 1200 x 1200 pixels or larger).

When Buying Leather Artwork for Sale

Shipping: Leather Artwork for Sale

The painting will be rolled in a tube for shipping to the destination of your choice.

The courier service will either be DHL, Fedex or the post office. All of which provide tracking details.

Dependent on your destination – shipping will take between 4 and 14 days.

If you opt for land and sea shipping – which is much cheaper – the time frame for delivery can reach up to 3 or 4 weeks.

Recieving And Opening Of Artwork

When receiving your painting you may open the package and remove it from the tube without any fear of damage.

Paintings on leather are very durable and just needs to be unrolled. I do not paint thickly onto the hide, so the paint will not crack or peel.

Discuss with your framer the best way to display your painting. There are several methods to display your leather paintings.

A few suggestions are:

  • Draped over a lounger or sofa.
  • Stretched in a frame with leather twine
  • Hung looped over a piece of natural wood or a spear onto the wall
  • Glued to a piece of wood cut to the shape of the painting and hung on the wall
  • Placed on a wood base cut to the shape of the leather and covered with glass as a table

Care of Leather Oil Paintings

An oil painting on leather does not require glass and mounts when being framed. Both the oil paint and the hide are hard-wearing and durable.

Therefore it is purely a personal choice whether you want the leather painting framed under glass with or without mounts.

Please remember that this hide with no protective finishes will mark if it gets wet. So it does need protecting if being used on a table or where there may be rain or splashes of liquid nearby.

It is also advisable to place your artwork where there will be no direct sunlight. This prevents fading and sun damage over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep paint from cracking on leather?

The best way to keep oil paint from cracking is by using thin layers. If you use an impasto style of art on leather the thick paint will eventually crack and may even peel off in time.

What is leather art?

Leather art is the crafting or practice of making leather into works of art by painting, carving, or shaping leather into a handcrafted object. Creating a painting on or decorating leather in any way is considered leather art.

Can you use oil paint on leather?

Yes, you can use artist’s oil paint on leather – if it has no finishes applied to its surface. If the leather has a glossy coating or has been rolled flat, oil paint will smear and wear off very quickly. You will have to dull down and give the surface a roughness to allow the paint to adhere to the leather.

What animals are in the bovine family?

The Bovidae family includes the biological species that have cloven hooves and are ruminants. These animals include African buffalo, water buffalo, bison, antelopes, goats, sheep, and domestic cattle.

Is bovine leather good quality?

The most common and most affordable type of bovine leather on the market is leather from cows. And it is a quality product. Bovine leather is long-lasting and is used for a myriad of commercial products.