Pencil Drawings Of Animals

Realistic Pencil Drawings Of Animals

Welcome to my black and white pencil drawings of animals . I create true-to-life drawings of animals that capture their character and personality.

I encourage you to look through the drawings I have for sale and peruse my gallery of animal artwork.

Animal Pencil Drawings For Sale

Creating My Pencil Art

In order to achieve the result I wish for, my pencil drawing basics consist of good quality graphite pencils on high quality textured paper.

Most of my graphite pencil artworks are drawn on watercolour paper. I like working on this medium as the paper is a good weight and I enjoy the texture.

I naturally prefer to work on paper that has a texture or grain rather than a smooth surface.

Taking advantage of the paper qualities, I allow the grain pattern to show through the pencil work by working with a light pressure.

In this way the effect creates a texture that adds interest and gives a natural look to the fur movement.

Alternatively, I can also make a solid area by using a hard pressure to create shadows and dark contrasts in the drawing.

In this way the animals come to life with their own unique characteristics.

I hope you find something that connects with you in the pencil drawings of animals I have shared – and be inspired.

Graphite Drawings Gallery

You will find within this gallery a collection of animal graphite drawings.

My love of all animals, wild or domestic, hopefully allows me to capture the spirit and individuality of each subject I draw.

I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Commission Your Own Drawing

I do take art commissions if you would like something specific of your choice.

All you need to do is contact me with your request. Provide a high quality image (if you have one) with the choice of dimensions you would like.

If you would like, I can provide a selection of images of your chosen subject matter for you to choose from.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Shipping Information And Care: Pencil Drawings Of Animals

Shipping Details

A drawing, or collection of drawings, can be shipped anywhere in the world to your nearest courier office or to your home (dependant on the service provided in your area).

The drawings will be rolled in protective paper and shipped in a solid tube.

Shipping will be via a courier service – either DHL, Fedex or the Post Office. All these couriers provide tracking details so you can follow the progress of your delivery.

Dependent on your destination – shipping will take between 4 and 14 days.

Delivery and Opening of Artwork

When receiving your drawing be careful when opening and removing from the tube. You do not want to smudge the pencil work or crease the paper.

Tip – make sure your hands are clean before viewing your drawing – the white paper will mark very easily!

If you can wait – you may want to take it to your framer/art shop in order for them to open the package for safety purposes.

The drawing will require to be flattened after being in the tube – be mindful not to bend or crease the paper as these are very difficult marks to remove.

Care of Pencil Drawings

A pencil drawing requires glass and mounts when being framed to protect from dust and insect marks.

This gives longevity to the artwork. It is also advisable to place your painting where there will be no direct sunlight. This prevents fading and sun damage to the paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pencil art?

Pencil art is a drawing medium using graphite which has been encased in a wooden casing. These pencils come in varying degrees of hardness and softness in order to create light marks and dark areas in a drawing. Pencil art is composed of sketches as well as more detailed, complicated artworks.

What’s the difference between sketching and drawing?

Sketching is a freehand drawing style that focuses on quick and impressionistic lines that capture the essence of the subject matter rather than going into too much detail. A drawing is a more detailed rendition with more care taken in its execution. Sketching makes use of pencils and charcoal. Drawing uses pencils, crayons, pastel, markers, pens, etc.

Do graphite drawings fade?

Graphite is a mineral and should not fade. You may have a problem with the paper the graphite pencil is drawn on. It is best to draw on acid free paper and frame your drawing with a glass that has UV protector qualities. Also, place your drawing where direct sunlight does not land on the drawing.

Are pencils permanent?

Pencil lead or graphite is a form of carbon. Carbon is an element that does not break down – so is permanent. The material, however, that the lead is used on is not so permanent. It is, therefore, advisable to protect your graphite pencil drawings with good framing and good placement in your home for longevity purposes.