About Belinda Marshall Art

About Belinda Marshall Art

Belinda Marshall

Welcome and thank you for visiting Belinda Marshall Art.

I have always had an interest and passion for drawing, painting, and creating in general from an early age.

Apart from drawing, I am also interested in sewing, knitting, crocheting, tapestry, and embroidery crafts.

So I definitely lean towards the arts, not the sciences!

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My Early Career

After doing well in art at school, I joined an art college and got my diploma in textile design. I pursued this as a career for a couple of years before life led me on a “working” holiday to the United Kingdom.

After returning home, I freelanced for textile and clothing manufacturing companies, designing their product ranges’ prints and designs.

When this industry collapsed in the country, I turned back to painting. Hence Belinda Marshall Art was started.

Since then, I have had many commissions from all over the world, including selling locally in southern Africa.


I have had the pleasure of being part of, and co-managing, “Art On The Stoep” bi-annual ladies-only art exhibition in my hometown of Bulawayo for several years.

Other exhibitions include the National Art Gallery of Bulawayo, and the Off the Canvas Exhibition in Esher, United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, my exhibitions have been limited. On a positive note, this has been due to almost all my work being commission-based. These have come from all over Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

My work, however, is represented in a permanent collection that is housed in New York. The exhibition travelled to several destinations before reaching the United States.

Commissioned Wall Art

Apart from individual commissions for personal /home collections I have been commissioned by the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe for two projects.

Hall Of Man Exhibit

The Director of the Natural History Museum Of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, the country’s second biggest city, invited me to update their Hall of Man exhibit.

This was a 5 month long project that measured 1.5 metres in height and over 5 metres in length. It was a challenging experience painting from ladders and on such a large scale.

Definitely a highlight in my career and a very large addition to my portfolio.

Natural History Museum Of Zimbabwe

Khami Museum

The Khami Museum was a rejuvenation project by the Natural History Museum to totally renovate the museum that is at the site of Khami Ruins.

The Khami Ruins national monument is situated 22 kilometres from the city of Bulawayo. It is a World Heritage Site and sits on the west bank of the Khami River.

The brief was to depict the history of the site from it’s beginnings, through the construction in it’s heyday to the downfall of the tribal dynasties, to the site as it is today.

I learnt a lot about the history of the area by painting this mural which took 6 months to complete.

Khami Museum

Published Work By Belinda Marshall Art

My portfolio also includes creating a painting representing Zimbabwe in a children’s book that hired artists from most countries in the world. The aim was to create a painting that showed the best parts of our country and our culture.

The book’s title is “My Very Own World Adventure.” The publishing house was I See Me! Inc. in the USA. That was an interesting and enjoyable process to be a part of.

Art Mediums

Over the years I have used many art mediums to create artworks.

I have dabbled in mixed media, ink as well as acrylic, oils, chalk pastels, and graphite pencil. In later years, charcoal pencils and colour pencils.

Most of my commissions have been in oils painting the wildlife of Africa, including client portrait commissions.

What I enjoy most are chalk pastel and pencil drawings.

In recent years I have been focusing on pet portraits which have proved very popular. Most of these are in graphite pencils and colour pencils.

What I Paint

As I live in Africa, it was a natural instinct to start painting African wildlife. My parents are very keen outdoor people who visit national parks regularly.

This love of the bush inspired me too.

My special love are cats – wild cats and domestic. The favourite and top on my list is the leopard. The spots, beautiful eyes and whiskers are the drawcard.

But I have painted many Big 5 paintings as well as the plains game like zebra, impala, giraffe and several duiker species.

The commissions from the United States incude many, many elephant paintings.

Portraits are also included in my portfolio, of African tribes and their traditional regalia, client portraits from around the world, and pet portraits.

Even though I have specialised in African wildlife art in the past, I am receiving more clients requesting their pets to be drawn or painted.

Pet portraits consist of the ever popular cats and dogs, but have also done a rooster and owls!

I am more than happy to capture your much loved pets, whatever they may be, in a variety of mediums.


Art and creating has been my life interest, and I have been fortunate to have been able to make a career out of it.

If you would like to order or buy a piece of art from me, you can visit my shop or view my commission information page.

I would love to hear from you either way.